On the issue of abortion access in Queensland

An article on the ABC opinion website The Drum today, by Pro Choice Qld founder and convenor Kate Marsh, looks at the reality of abortion access for women in Queensland:

The minimum cost of a termination procedure is more than the entire fortnightly income of someone on Newstart, and the situation is not much better for women working casually or in low-paying jobs. Women find themselves negotiating payment plans with energy providers, going into rental arrears, arranging short-term loans with exorbitant interest rates, getting food vouchers from charities, and borrowing money from friends on good will or occasionally for an unspecified, darkly alluded to ‘favour’.

Nothing about this is private or accessible, and that’s why many involved in the sector in Queensland will roll their eyes when someone says ‘abortion is a matter for a woman and her doctor’. It’s not. It should be, but at the moment it’s a matter for a woman and her doctor and her boss and her school and her hospital superintendent and her phone company and her landlord and her bank and her extended family and their families and who knows who else.

You can read the full piece online here.