About us

We are the voice of pro-choice Queenslanders.

We’re a small group of volunteers working to remove abortion from Queensland’s Criminal Code through our #itsnot1899 campaign.

Why #itsnot1899? Because 1899 was when Queensland’s abortion laws were written into our Criminal Code – where they have remained, virtually untouched, criminalising abortion, ever since. Medical practice, societal expectations, and our understanding of human rights and personal freedoms have all come a long way since 1899. It’s time our abortion laws reflected that.

We believe that laws criminalising abortion are the single biggest barrier to abortion access and reproductive choice in this state, and that they affect disadvantaged Queenslanders at a vastly disproportionate rate.

Our #itsnot1899 campaign seeks changes to the law which would:

  • maximise reproductive rights and freedoms by giving Queenslanders the legal right to seek abortion;
  • provide the legal certainty necessary for doctors and healthcare professionals to provide best patient care for Queenslanders; and
  • bring the law into line with contemporary medical practice and community expectation.

The campaign is run by a group of volunteers, headed up by former Liberal Senator Sue Boyce. We have no central office and rely on donations to cover the material costs our passion and commitment won’t pay for. Fire in the belly will get you so far, but it sure doesn’t pay for printing.

Our #itsnot1899 campaign is supported by over 60 medical, legal, community and advocacy organisations from across Queensland and nationally (you can read about them over here).

We exist to help bring all those pro-choice voices together in one space, along with facts and evidence and resources for folks looking for reliable information on the issue, or ways to get involved. We’re not an organisation, we’re a platform.

If you’re looking for ways to take action, check out our get involved page, or  get in touch with us via our contact page.

About our convenor:

Sue Boyce

BA(Hons), MBus, FAICD

 “I am a Brisbane businesswoman, mother and grandmother and a proud Patron of Children by Choice, Queensland’s only all-options pregnancy counselling service.

From 2007 to 2014, I was a Liberal Senator for Queensland. Throughout my Senate career, I was a member of the Senate Community Affairs Committee which gave me a detailed knowledge of the health issues faced by Australian women, especially those in rural and remote areas.

I began my working career as a cadet journalist at The Courier-Mail in the late 60s and I’ve also worked in Melbourne, Papua New Guinea and London.

I am an advocate for people with a disability and for gender equity.

For me, access to safe, legal abortion is simply a rights issue. Who else but the pregnant woman herself should be able to decide if the pregnancy continues?

Whilst abortion remains on the books as a crime in Queensland, access to a safe abortion will remain out-of-reach for poorer women and women from regional and remote Queensland.

It’s time Queensland joined the majority of Australian jurisdictions by decriminalising abortion.”

Get in touch with us over at the contact page.