Queensland Law Reform Commission

The Queensland Law Reform Commission is currently reviewing pregnancy termination laws. The Commission has been directed to look at how to decriminalise abortion performed by registered medical practitioners and to modernise and clarify the law, and is due to report to parliament with its recommendations by 30 June 2018.

In December 2017, theΒ QLRC released a consultation paperΒ as part of its review, and asked for submissions in response to 20 questions laid out in the paper to be made by 13 February 2018.

Pro Choice Queensland, along with a range of organisations supporting our #itsnot1899 campaign, made submissions to the review. Those we have permission to share are below. Our sincere thanks go to all the folks who made submissions, and for all the thought and care and consideration you gave to answering the questions the Commission was asking.

Our submission to the QLRC [pdf]

Submissions by pro-choice supporters: