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The campaign to finally decriminalise abortion in Queensland is fast approaching the pointy end. The Health Committee’s report into Rob Pyne MP’s second bill is due to be tabled on Friday 17 February, with debate expected to start on 1 March in parliament.

A vote on both bills could take place as early as 1 March.
We are expecting the vote to be incredibly close. As recently as November, a simple motion to debate the two abortion bills at the same time split the parliament evenly 43-43, with the Speaker having to cast the deciding vote.

Contact your MP

We urgently need supporters of these bills to contact their MPs.

We know that the vast majority of the medical profession, the community sector, and the broader public believe abortion should be legal and available. Now we need to try and make sure this is reflected in a parliamentary vote. The vote of each and every MP is going to be critical.

You can find your state electorate here and the contact details of your local MP here, or click here to send an email right now to the office your MP.

Please call, email or write to them today to ask them to support this important law reform and bring Queensland’s abortion laws into the 21st century, and into line with community expectation and clinical practice.

Can you meet with your MP?

We’re working with Fair Agenda to ensure key MPs are hearing from community members directly over the coming weeks. Being involved in one of these community meetings is one of the most powerful actions you can take in this campaign. You’ll be supported through the entire process with material from us and from Fair Agenda, as well as meeting tips and discussions pre and post meeting. You’ll also be connected with other pro-choice constituents from your electorate so you don’t have to go it alone if you’d rather not. Can you get involved?

Register to go and meet with your MP here.


Other things you can do to support the campaign:


Tips for talking or writing to your MP

Be clear and concise. Don’t use coarse language or insults.

Make sure you tell them you are a constituent in their electorate.

Explain why you want them to support decriminalisation. You might have a personal experience you’d like to share, or another factor that has influenced what you think about this issue.

Use facts, reliable evidence and data on the impact of the law and community opinion on abortion, among other things – you can find some sources on our resources page.

If your local MP is from the Labor Party, you might like to remind them that the party platform includes an undertaking to “ amend the law so that all legal distinctions between termination of pregnancy and other medical procedures are abolished by repealing sections 224, 225 and 226 of the Criminal Code.”

Conclude with what you want your MP to do about this issue (voting YES on the bill, being publicly supportive, etc).

If you are sending a letter or email, ask for a response and be sure to include your contact details. Many electorate offices will not respond unless you provide a postal address, even if you are contacting them via email.

If you have not received a response after one month you might like to call your MP’s office or contact them via social media to remind them about your letter and inquire as to when you are likely to receive a response.