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If you’re pregnant and looking for information about your options, contact Children by Choice. They are a Queensland-wide all options pregnancy support service who can help with info, counselling, support and referrals, including for abortion.

Women’s abortion stories

If we don’t tell stories of who we are, others will tell stories of who we are not.

So often the public debate about abortion doesn’t actually include the voices of many people who’ve had abortions. People talk about them, but not to them. We think this is a serious problem. If you’ve formed an opinion on abortion solely based on what you were told in school or what you’ve heard in the media – that is, if you haven’t had an abortion or you don’t know the story of any actual real life person who has – then you might need to press pause on your opinion for a moment. More than one in four Australian women will have an abortion in their lifetime, so odds are that someone you know has had an abortion. If you can’t think of who this is, consider that if you’ve ever shared an opinion about how bad abortion is out loud, you might have been talking to a woman who’s had an abortion, and judging her without even knowing it. The Young Queenslanders For The Right To Choose have been collecting real life abortion experiences and publishing them over at their #myabortionstory blog. Please go and check it out.

Get the facts

Any time abortion is debated anywhere by anybody, there are bound to be lots of myths and misinformation getting in the way of informed debate.

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If you’re reading info elsewhere, make sure the claims being made are referenced, and that the source being quoted is reputable – for example, check that it’s a peer-reviewed journal, statistics are supported by government data, that data cited is Australian and recent enough to be relevant, and/or that news article is actually a factual piece of writing and not just somebody’s opinion. Unreferenced data is dangerous to rely on as you don’t know where it is coming from – the writer could have simply made it up.

2016 abortion law reform bills

Abortion Law Reform (Woman’s Right To Choose) Amendment Bill 2016:

Health (Abortion Law Reform) Amendment Bill 2016:

Queensland Law Reform Commission inquiry 2017-18: